The colors on your computer screen are in most cases NOT calibrated to our printers, let alone the variances in printing, such as humidity, outdoor temperature, and paper stock. If you are needing exact color matching you must request pantone color matching and also pay the upgraded fee for this process. All printing will be in CMYK unless Pantone or color matching is requested by you the client. We will do our best to replicate the color you are expecting, however CMYK printing cannot replicate colors on your screen 100% accurately because your screen is RGB, but they are very close. Also, colors may vary from order to order due to daily printing parameters. *All printing will be in accordance with our templates which are below. IF YOU SUPPLY US WITH FILES, they must adhere to our templates, we are not responsible for ANY imperfections including but not limited to color, spelling, resolution, folding, or cutting.

Spot UV & Foil Stamping Paper Printing Instructions

Paper Printing Templates

Signage Templates

Tradeshow Templates

Stickers / Labels Templates

Promotional Items Templates