San Diego Sign Company just Redefined the Industry and Drastically Changed how Great Customer Service is Implemented

The printing industry has exploded in recent years with new technologies offering countless options for printing signs and banners. One San Diego sign company has taken these new products farther than their competition through an innovative approach to comprehensive customer service.

Santora Media Group’s accounts list counts Lamborghini, Dave & Busters and Ferrari among its satisfied clients. A-list accounts are accustomed to receiving top quality products from their vendors so it follows that Santora Media Group has found the magic bullet to satisfying them.

In the competitive printing industry, customers must provide camera-ready art, a difficult prospect for most managers without an advertising department. Printers can provide layouts at an additional charge for one product such as outdoor signs. For displays, customers may need to go to another shop and work with another art department altogether. With different shops, consistent branding was nearly impossible.

Santora Media Group is a San Diego sign companythat addressed the issues faced by clients who are frustrated by their dealings with the print industry. With products from offset printing of brochures, business cardsand similar products, along with the ability to create indoor or outdoor signs and displays, Santora Media Group can offer the complete printing package.

To assist the client in building his brand, whether for a signs or his showroom, SMG begins with the art department. Working as a creative team, they put together a ‘look’ for the client, based on his request. The client can accept or reject these ideas – the art director at SMG will continue to work with the client until the client is totally satisfied that the art is ready for production.

Because Santora Media Group works with the best materials such as Di-Bond, Lexan and stainless steel, they can create just about anything their clients can envision. At SMG, they put their client’s satisfaction above all else by using superior materials every step of the way. They rely on heavier scrim vinyl for the banners, superior adhesives for the vehicle wraps and quality papers in offset printing.

Santora Media Group’s innovative customer service is referred to as “Our Process,” and only begins with the art department but does not end there. Each client has a team member in each department, from sales to art and finally production. This oversight has created a basis for outstanding performance and customer satisfaction.

Each marketing campaign launched with the attitude that the customer’s success is directly tied to the success of Santora Media Group. Their mission statement guarantees to provide a “hassle-free” process for their clients and reiterates their commitment to embrace the newest, eco-friendly technology for quality, cost-effective marketingproducts.

This unique approach to customer service has proved successful for this San Diego sign company as their client list can attest. In an industry where customers must use a website to place their own orders without any assistance, Santora Media Group has stood out as an innovator by providing an exclusive level of service. They have found the best combination of product and service to reach this high degree of customer satisfaction and they have become the one-stop shop for some of the most recognized companies in the San Diego area.