Our Process

Phase 1)   Target Needs/Outcome Analysis

Based on a thorough consultation with our creative team, we will help to pinpoint your specific goals. Once we both feel that we have a clear and agreed upon goals list, we move on to the next step.


Phase 2)  Collaborative Strategizing 

Our creative design and marketing team will work alongside you and your team to develop the appropriate course of action. We will strategize a plan that aims to achieve your goals while taking into consideration your timeline and budget.


Phase 3)  Critical Design

Our Creative Director will lead our design team to producing the graphics necessary to communicate your message and demand a response from your consumers.


Phase 4)  Proofing and Revisions

Your lead designer will submit in person or in digital form your comps and mock-ups for your critique. This allows you to make the necessary revisions to achieve a marketing piece that your completely satisfied with.


Phase 5)  Art Approval 

At Santora Media Group Inc., it is imperative that we offer to you the sole and final decision in regards to your branding. You can be assured that we will never print  or install anything without your approval.


Phase 6)  Production 

At this point we have exhausted our creative team and received approval for our designs. We will promptly start the production process for your printed collateral or signage. During this process we will have the integrity to let you know of any new developments or timeline setbacks if they happen.


Phase 7)  Fulfillment and/or Installation & Delivery

After the production of your goods, we will immediately notify your team so that you can implement your new campaign without delay. If your campaign includes a sign or graphic installation, we will schedule with you a time that fits your needs and complete our job without disrupting your business.


Phase 8)  Campaign Analysis

We feel it is just as important to plan a great campaign as it is to analyze the succes of one. We will contact you and your team to reflect on the campaigns success and make any adjustments for your next campaign.