Don’t Buy Cheap Banners On The Internet!

Banners online have lowered quality expectations for years now.  Lately we have had a lot of calls from customers that have a story of how they found a great deal online and maybe even free shipping, only to be surprised when the banner shows up at their door. The most common issues reported are: resolution, material thickness, poor saturation of colors, and inks fading in the sun. Now we are not saying that all banners bought online are cheap or sub par, but we are hoping to educate online consumers about what to look for when buying a banner online.

Banner Resolution: many machines can only print a maximum of 240×340. These banner printers are for billboards ONLY. Even if you provide a 300dpi file, it wont matter because the printer is the bottleneck. It just simply can’t produce anything high resolution enough t0 be seen closer than 20 ft. So if you use it for an inside banner or a POP banner, you will be seeing pixels the pixels of pencil erasers. On the other hand, a printing resolution of 720×720 will produce stunning high resolution graphics, with at least a 15o dpi file.

Material Thickness Gage: Many online banner printers sell a 10 oz or a very low scrim(nylon mesh for support) 13 oz. If you put up your banner in a n office building 10oz is fine but if you want it to withstand a outdoor winds, it will tear within a short time. On the other hand a high scrim denier  like 1000 matched with a high grade reputable brand vinyl in the 13oz-17oz will withstand high winds and abuse for years.

UV Resistance: Make sure the online banner printer you choose uses OEM inks that can withstand UV rays. Most discount banner websites do NOT use high quality inks resulting in poor color saturation and fading in direct sunlight.

-Good Luck!

The Santora Team