San Diego Graphic Designer and Logo Designer

Here in San Diego, there are many options for graphic design or logo design. Here at Santora Media Group Inc., we strive to create the best advertising and marketing collateral possible. We offer full graphic design services and photography. We will consult you and your team on the latest trends, logo types, design layouts and the pros and cons of each for your specific printing, sign, or trade show display project. Great graphic design comes from great graphic designers , art directors, and marketers. When you are starting a company or rebranding a company you must think about the importance of the logo and style that you are going to implement in physical collateral, like business card printing, custom signage, trade show graphics and displays. These products cost a lot of money and take up time in production, it is critical you are designing for a specific purpose and have the right “look and feel” for your marketing to attract the perfect consumer to your business.

Custom Business Cards

We here at Santora Media Group Consistently analyze printing trends, and right now silk laminated spot uv business cards are the most popular by far. We also offer a gold or silver foil option for those business cards too. Our San Diego printing company offers graphic design for the business cards we print as well as logo design. We urge customers to visit our location and get a feel for how we do business so that they feel comfortable choosing us as their printing vendor. San Diego customers can also see in our showroom a variety of presentation folders, flyers and postcards as well as many signs and displays. Our printing company also makes trade show displays and trade show banners. You can also come by and see San Diego feather flags and retractable banner stands. We hope to see you soon.

San Diego Sign Company just Redefined the Industry and Drastically Changed how Great Customer Service is Implemented

The printing industry has exploded in recent years with new technologies offering countless options for printing signs and banners. One San Diego sign company has taken these new products farther than their competition through an innovative approach to comprehensive customer service.

Santora Media Group’s accounts list counts Lamborghini, Dave & Busters and Ferrari among its satisfied clients. A-list accounts are accustomed to receiving top quality products from their vendors so it follows that Santora Media Group has found the magic bullet to satisfying them.

In the competitive printing industry, customers must provide camera-ready art, a difficult prospect for most managers without an advertising department. Printers can provide layouts at an additional charge for one product such as outdoor signs. For displays, customers may need to go to another shop and work with another art department altogether. With different shops, consistent branding was nearly impossible.

Santora Media Group is a San Diego sign companythat addressed the issues faced by clients who are frustrated by their dealings with the print industry. With products from offset printing of brochures, business cardsand similar products, along with the ability to create indoor or outdoor signs and displays, Santora Media Group can offer the complete printing package.

To assist the client in building his brand, whether for a signs or his showroom, SMG begins with the art department. Working as a creative team, they put together a ‘look’ for the client, based on his request. The client can accept or reject these ideas – the art director at SMG will continue to work with the client until the client is totally satisfied that the art is ready for production.

Because Santora Media Group works with the best materials such as Di-Bond, Lexan and stainless steel, they can create just about anything their clients can envision. At SMG, they put their client’s satisfaction above all else by using superior materials every step of the way. They rely on heavier scrim vinyl for the banners, superior adhesives for the vehicle wraps and quality papers in offset printing.

Santora Media Group’s innovative customer service is referred to as “Our Process,” and only begins with the art department but does not end there. Each client has a team member in each department, from sales to art and finally production. This oversight has created a basis for outstanding performance and customer satisfaction.

Each marketing campaign launched with the attitude that the customer’s success is directly tied to the success of Santora Media Group. Their mission statement guarantees to provide a “hassle-free” process for their clients and reiterates their commitment to embrace the newest, eco-friendly technology for quality, cost-effective marketingproducts.

This unique approach to customer service has proved successful for this San Diego sign company as their client list can attest. In an industry where customers must use a website to place their own orders without any assistance, Santora Media Group has stood out as an innovator by providing an exclusive level of service. They have found the best combination of product and service to reach this high degree of customer satisfaction and they have become the one-stop shop for some of the most recognized companies in the San Diego area.

San Diego Trade Show Displays Makes a Huge Industry Impact

Santora Media Group provides business owners with everything that they need in order to make a lasting first impression with potential clients at a trade show or convention. These entrepreneurs can choose from a wide selection of items, like bannersfeather flags, media racks, trade show graphics, hanging displays, table throws and custom printed popup tents, to maximize profiting potential and brand their companies in an innovative fashion.

Since Santora Media Group understands the value of a premium quality trade show display, their team of professionals come together to deliver customers with the best possible setup. First, consultants meet with business owners to determine what vision they have for how they want their trade show to look. Meeting with consultants usually entails discussing the type of design that is needed, the message that needs to be conveyed to prospective clients and the colors that will attract the best attention. During this meeting, clients will talk about which trade show items will be used. For instance, some business owners may wish to use a retractable banner stand and others may desire a trade show wall. The items that are used in an exhibit all depend on what professionals recommend as well as customer preference. Pricing is also discussed.

Once an agreement is reached concerning how the trade show is to be designed, marketing and design professionals will get to work crafting eye catching exhibits that clearly communicate the missions of these business owners to onlookers. At any time during the design and construction process, entrepreneurs can check on the progress of their trade show displays. Should entrepreneurs wish to make any changes, it is essential that they make such requests before the display is completed.

Upon completion of the trade show exhibits, business owners are given two choices concerning installation. They can either set up their trade show displays on their own or call Santora Media Group to have an installation team come out and do it for them. In the event that entrepreneurs wish to have their displays set up for them, the installation team will not only set up the exhibit, they will stick around to take it down when the trade show or convention has ended. It is important that business owners specify which installation option they desire during the consultant phase, so it can be figured into the price.

Those who are concerned about the environment will be glad to know that Santora Media Group strives to be green. All materials are recycled, and the inks that are used are 100 percent environmentally friendly. Customers have a choice of having their materials printed with eco solvent or UV inks.

Individuals who are interested in checking out a variety of trade shows designed by Santora Media Group can find a portfolio on their website along with some customer testimonials. The portfolio contains displays that have intricately designed banners on a retractable banner stand. Others have a trade show wall with attention grabbing trade show graphics. Interested parties who desire an interview or want to establish a business relationship can call (858) 412-4414.

San Diego Printing

San Diego Printing is a competitive market to be in. We at Santora Media Group Inc. understamd that to gain marketshare and retain loyal customers a few apects to our business really matter. The three areas where we feel we differentiate ourselves from the competition are: Quality, Service, and Experience. Our quality is represented in all of our products, from business cards to trade show displays and signs. We make sure our colors are bright, vibrant and durable in their respective environments. Our cutting is accurate and straight. Many of our competitors have sub-par and old equipment so it is near impossible for them to maintain straight and clean cuts throughout your job. lastly our coating are top notch, whether its a spot uv printing job or  an outdoor sign that needs the perfect matte laminate, our quality control department weeds out anything we wouldn’t use for our own company.

Our customer service is rooted in the principles of our mission statement. We are here for your succes, that simple! If we fail to achieve what was promised, we remake it. We train our team in every product and service we sell so that you have all the answers you need with just one call. Our job is to simulate an in-house department of your company so that the work flow is seamless and smooth. We focus on remembering your job details and individual needs. If you order business cards or brochures or even trade show displays, our task is to remember the materials you prefer and the sizes you ordered lthe last time. With this method you get the workflow that gets your printing needs taken care of quickly without delay. In San Diego there are many choices for San Diego Printing Company or San Diego sign company. Our goal is to make the choice easy based on customer service alone.

Your total graphic design, printing and sign company experience as a whole is why we have so much consistant repeat and referral business. We offer San Diego and the rest of the country a value that is unparalleled and consistant. We strive everyday to make San Diego Printing and San Diego Signs the best they can be. Please call us today to make your next graphic design, printing or sign job the best it can be.

Our Most popular items:

Graphic Design Capabilities

  • Original Logo Design
  • Logo Rebranding
  • Complete Corporate Branding
  • Style Guide Development
  • Brochure Design
  • Media Kit Design
  • Press Kit Design
  • Photography Services
  • Corporate Identity Suite

Our Most Popular Items

  • Custom or Standard Brochures
  • Media/Press Kits
  • Catalogs
  • Envelopes
  • Letterhead
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures


  • Physical Media
  • Mailing Campaigns
  • Product Launch
  • New Demographic
  • Co-Branding
  • Brand Relaunch
  • Business Model Shift
  • Trade Show Tours
  • Retail POP & POS


Don’t Buy Cheap Banners On The Internet!

Banners online have lowered quality expectations for years now.  Lately we have had a lot of calls from customers that have a story of how they found a great deal online and maybe even free shipping, only to be surprised when the banner shows up at their door. The most common issues reported are: resolution, material thickness, poor saturation of colors, and inks fading in the sun. Now we are not saying that all banners bought online are cheap or sub par, but we are hoping to educate online consumers about what to look for when buying a banner online.

Banner Resolution: many machines can only print a maximum of 240×340. These banner printers are for billboards ONLY. Even if you provide a 300dpi file, it wont matter because the printer is the bottleneck. It just simply can’t produce anything high resolution enough t0 be seen closer than 20 ft. So if you use it for an inside banner or a POP banner, you will be seeing pixels the pixels of pencil erasers. On the other hand, a printing resolution of 720×720 will produce stunning high resolution graphics, with at least a 15o dpi file.

Material Thickness Gage: Many online banner printers sell a 10 oz or a very low scrim(nylon mesh for support) 13 oz. If you put up your banner in a n office building 10oz is fine but if you want it to withstand a outdoor winds, it will tear within a short time. On the other hand a high scrim denier  like 1000 matched with a high grade reputable brand vinyl in the 13oz-17oz will withstand high winds and abuse for years.

UV Resistance: Make sure the online banner printer you choose uses OEM inks that can withstand UV rays. Most discount banner websites do NOT use high quality inks resulting in poor color saturation and fading in direct sunlight.

-Good Luck!

The Santora Team

How to design the best business card:

Great business card design starts off with a clear understanding of the companies brand and target audience. After you can pinpoint where you want to go with the design and style of your business card its time to think about paper types and printing options. A thin flimsy paper stock suggests that your company is low class and fleeting. On the other hand a sturdy card stock suggests that you are stable company that cares about their image and brand. We offer many card stocks, some of our favorites include 16pt silk laminated, 130lb cover uncoated and 20pt plastic business cards.

Next, printing methods should be considered. Using Spot UV or Foil Stamping can make your card stand out. Of course great full color business cards are a much better option to black and white, it is really a treat for your new clients to see that you have purchased custom cards that let them know that you care about details. We know that for some, a business card is a business card, but we disagree! A business card is your first line of defense. It is what separates the professionals from the part-timers. We have all been to networking mixers and been handed a card that looks like it was printed on a home computer or ordered online at some half rate printing website and thought, “how can I take this person seriously?.”  We don’t blame you. When someone hands you a business card with confidence that looks like they had a professional design firm create them and a professional printer print them, you cant help but be impressed and curious about the business behind the card.

in summary, invest in great graphic design for your business cards and look into a few custom printing options that will set you apart from your competition. Good luck and take care!                    -The Santora Team.